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Four ways to maximize the networking opportunity

To thrive in the meetings and exhibitions industry, you need to have a flair for communication and the ability to build confidential relationships. That's why you have to learn how to use intelligent trade fair marketing to build up the most profitable, profitable relationships possible at your trade fair stand in Düsseldorf. You might be interested in exhibition stand Dubai.

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Trade fairs are the ideal place to find potential customers and partners. But the results are in spite of high-quality exhibition stand designs often disappointing - regardless of whether you bought the exhibition stand or rented exhibition stand. Despite following the expert advice: shake hands confidently, look people in the eye, and speak with a confident tone. Your counterpart seems interested and you exchange business cards. But then nothing happens.

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Because much more important than on thatboothExchanging business cards is to keep in touch with those people. You don't really have to meet as many people as possible, but rather exactly those with whom you have a common goal and who you can support. Know more about exhibition stand design.

 Here are four steps you can take to plan your trade show to get the results you want.

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1. Visit the right trade fairs

Go where the people you want to meet are. For example, if you want to meet a top industry influencer, do some research on where they build their networks. If he's nominated for an award, get a ticket to the gala event. If he has just written a book, pay attention to where he is lecturing. Learn more about exhibition stand design Dubai.

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 Do your homework before the event. Try to find out as much as you can about the person's likes and interests. Then you have a good basis to connect to. As you enter the conversation, try to smile. Because when someone smiles, the other person feels good too.

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2. Become a good conversationalist

Many people believe that extroverts have an easier time meeting people than introverts. That may be true. But introverts connect more because they tend to listen more than they talk.

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 Learn to ask questions. This makes it easy to initiate and have constructive conversations with someone. And you are no longer the focus! Get to exhibition stand builders in UAE.    

Be curious about everyone you meet - you never know what might come of it. Start the conversation with a general introduction by asking someone their name and what they do for a living. Then ask some open-ended questions to find common ground. For example, ask about their interests. Figure out what you have in common with the other person - it could be a hobby, same last name, same industry - whatever. Share some of your reflections on this common theme. Keep in mind that conversations start out with more general topics at first and get more interesting as you get more specific. When you share a common theme, you will feel connected. If so, ask the following questions: Are you looking for  exhibition stand design ideas?.

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What do you currently find most interesting?

What's your top project?

Then stop talking as much as possible and pay attention to where you can best offer support. Offer him ways to achieve the goal or find a solution.

3. Forget pitching - it doesn't work here

Whoever attends a networking event, they don't want to buy anything. He just wants to sell. So you too can stop selling. Instead, you should focus on conversations by asking questions and listening to the needs of the other person. Offer to help. Ask for an appointment to discuss the topic further. Then the right time has come to take out your own business card and exchange it with him. On the back of the card, write down how and when the contact occurred.

 Always remember that the best way to build more trust is to take the next steps. 

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4. Connections require habits and systematics

You're not the only one who doesn't follow up on a conversation. Most people forget. But since, on average, customers only decide to make a purchase after the seventh to twelfth contact, you have to make it a habit to actively follow up. This will make you stand out as a true professional.

Reach out to your contacts - by phone, text or email - and remind them where you met and what you agreed on as a next step. Use client management software that allows you to take notes. Always plan ahead the next steps in your calendar - and implement them!

You don't need a large network to be successful. All you have to do is maintain the existing contacts. Make a list of people you would like to develop a relationship with. Talk to five people each day and ask what they are working on and if you can help. There will always be times when people don't respond. But that's not up to you. It just means the timing was wrong.

Establishing and maintaining business relationships are always the same. Over time you will become a pro who knows how to make people feel important.

Four ways to maximize the networking opportunity

To thrive in the meetings and exhibitions industry, you need to have a flair for communication and the ability to build confidential relatio...